Zambia Information


  • It is the 17th largest country in Africa
  • Eight border countries to Zambia are: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Angola
  • Population: 13 million
  • Three seasons: Rainy, cool/dry, hot/dry
  • Official language: English (70 tribal languages)
  • Currency: Kwacha
  • Religion: Christianity mixed with other religious practices
  • 10th poorest country in Africa
  • Many households live on less than $2/day
  • Almost 1/2 the population is under 14
  • Life expectancy: 43
  • HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are prominent fatal diseases
  • 980,000 living with HIV/AIDS
  • 490,000 women 15+ have AIDS
  • 120,000 children under 14 have AIDS
  • 1,300,000 children are orphans
  • Average number years of education: 7
  • Unemployment rate: 50-60%
  • One doctor for every 10,000 people
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