Jason and Mandy were both saved as teenagers and God has been at work growing and molding their lives since that time. They were high school sweethearts, have been married almost 20 years and have five children; Megan, Alex, Jackson, Anderson, and Cameron. Their family has a passion for the Lord, and the lost. They enjoy sharing the love of Christ with others and helping others in need. Jason and Mandy first travelled to Zambia together in 2010. God used that trip to give them an unwavering desire to see the people of Zambia saturated with the gospel and deeply rooted in their faith. The Hensley’s are currently members of Christ Fellowship, and they have the full support of their congregation with the call God has placed on their lives.


Jason: Jason’s love for the Lord and his family are his primary devotions and Jason spends time asking the Lord to continue to refine him and mold him as a child of God, a husband and father. In the late 2000’s the Lord called Jason into full time ministry. He is a 6 year veteran of the US Marine Corps. His diverse training in the military prepared him for working in the IT field. Jason has worked and gained expertise in the IT field for over 15 years and owned his own ISP/technology business for a time. His children say: he is humble, a hard worker, nice, does stuff with us, he’s a good protector, he reads the Bible to us and spends time with God. Jason enjoys serving others, running, drumming, Oreos, black licorice, and making fun faces in photos.
Mandy: Mandy is a dedicated mother and wife. Her life is evidence of her deep devotion to God. Her desire is always to be a Godly woman, and she relies on the Lord for all decisions. She has a gift of hospitality and enjoys spending time with friends and her family. She is a talented writer and artist who loves to draw and paint. While her days are spent being a homemaker and schooling the children, she is committed to spending time in God's Word. Along with the bible, she is also an avid reader of Christian books and literature. She takes great joy in sharing the Gospel and spreading God's word.
Megan: Megan has a maturity beyond her years and loves spending time with people. She is an excellent student with great initiative and she loves to serve her family. Her relationship with the Lord is most important to her and she is diligent to be in His Word. She is compassionate and thoughtful toward others. God seems to be revealing the gift of discernment in her life. Megan recently passed her driver’s test and is enjoying the privilege of driving. She plays piano, guitar and loves music – especially Christian and bluegrass. She has a laugh that fills a room, a smile to match and is famous for her chocolate chip cookies.
Alex: Alex is a gentle and intelligent young man. He works hard and has the incredible ability to daydream and stay tuned-in to what others are saying at the same time. He loves and trusts the Lord and has a repentant heart. He is a gentleman and fantastic role model to his younger brothers. He is a gifted builder and creator and has amazed many with this gift. When not doing his schoolwork, Alex can be find scaling tall trees or doorways, adding to his tree house, or playing practical jokes on his brothers or sister.
Jackson: Jack is an interesting and fascinating fellow. He is a believer and has an acute sense of the Lord and His presence. Jackson has some rich testimonies already in his young life. He is quiet until one knows him and then he becomes the class clown. He has tremendous wit and perfect comedic timing. He loves to fish, build additions on the treehouse, hold the door open for others, mail hand-written letters to his friends, and makes up some impressive original jokes.
Anderson: Andy is a fun boy to be around. He has boundless energy and almost always has a smile on his face. He is a whiz at math – like a little genius – REALLY. He has strong protective instincts and always roots for the underdog. Andy asks fantastic questions about life and the Lord and he feels things deeply. He loves doing nightly devotions with dad. He has diverse and numerous noises he makes during imaginative play and can often be heard singing throughout the house. He is loyal and plays a mean game of chess.
Cameron: We call him our little king David. He is the youngest but mighty in heart, power and strength. Cameron loves a good sword fight, but loves to cuddle his momma. He has some detailed stories about “when I was in the Army.” He is quite the storyteller and is very dramatic with words and facial expressions. Cameron is a hard worker and has many older friends. He enjoys wearing long sleeve shirts no matter the weather and loves to be called Camo and a myriad of other “Cam” nicknames. He is also a firm believer in the value of essential oils – no kidding.
"Disciple making is not a call for others to come to us to hear the gospel but a command for us to go to others to share the gospel." -David Platt, Radical

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