Saturday, January 31, 2015

Current Prayer Requests


  • Cameron has recovered.
  • Jason has adjusted to new work hours.  
  • God IS blessing with quick and transparent relationships here.
  • We have been able to do most grocery shopping once a week for the past two/three weeks.
  • Praise the Lord for Brothers and Sisters in Christ who practically lived at our house helping us  move out and also helped with our kids our last few days in the States.
  • Praise the Lord for our Brother-in-law who saw us off at the Atlanta airport and drove over 5 hours back home to MS with no sleep.


  • Jason and Mandy will each have two speaking/ministering opportunities April 24th and 25th (believers and unbelievers will be present). And each will be speaking all day to over 250 men and 250 women (respectively) in August.  Please pray for Holy Spirit guidance and wisdom, and for the Truth to be clearly spoken and understood.
  • Relationships to continue to develop and deepen with neighbors, Wiphan staff, Anna, and other missionaries.
  • We are becoming aware of deep needs of those around us. Pray for discernment of when and how to help in a way that will honor God and demonstrate His love.
  • Almost Everything has changed for our family.  Different house, car, daily responsibilities, country, how we drive, shopping, eating and even work and homeschool schedules as well as culture, people, language, etc. At least a few times a day this can be overwhelming even for this momma who doesn't mind change.  Please pray for all of us to adjust with grace and for God to use this to sift us and reveal sin that may have previously gone unnoticed.  Also pray "new" things will quickly become "familiar" and stable as we lean on the One who is constant and stable.
  • Mandy to continue acclimating to driving in Zambia.  She has started driving on her own, but is still adjusting.
  • The kids will continue to enjoy being here and to thrive.
  • For all of us to continue to seek Christ and grow in our own relationship with Him daily. 
  • We may be re-listing our house in Missouri.   


  • The gospel will go forth clearly and souls saved in Zambia
  • Wisdom, faith, strength and discernment
  • Time management for our family as we settle in to life here.
  • Our family’s transition into Zambian culture
  • We would learn Bemba language quickly
  • The Lord would provide strong and open relationships with Zambians for evangelism and discipleship
  • Our family will continue assimilating with Wiphan staff and understand the organization's needs
  • Our family would be faithfully bathed in prayer
  • We would be the hands and feet of Jesus in all ways
  • We remain fully surrendered to God's will and joyfully and faithfully serve in all circumstances
  • God’s provision of all needs
  • Prayer for strength against the devil's schemes
  • Safety and protection for our entire family
  • We would be thankful in every circumstance
  • God would be glorified in every step of the journey
  • Family and Friends would diligently pray for our family and ministry with Wiphan


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"Disciple making is not a call for others to come to us to hear the gospel but a command for us to go to others to share the gospel." -David Platt, Radical

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