Wednesday, November 05, 2014


The Lord has provided a home for the Hensley’s in Zambia! This is an incredible story of God’s power and provision. In recent months we have been researching housing in Zambia but we were not actively or consistently pursuing a home. Rather, we were going to wait for Jason to look for a home in Dec. or Jan. when he takes a solo prep trip to Zambia. What we learned in our research about housing was; rental homes are hard to find in Zambia and even an older three bedroom home can often rent for the equivalent of $1000 or more. We have prayed to rent at or under that amount. – It wasn’t looking promising… BUT we serve a mighty GOD.

A missionary family contacted us a few weeks ago and said they will be leaving Zambia much earlier than expected. They are currently renting a NEWER, FIVE BEDROOM house for UNDER $1000 and thought that perhaps we might be interested in the house! (We were hoping for a four bedroom and absolutely willing to do a three bedroom). WOW!! The current renter continued to send us pictures and information about the house and we could hardly believe our eyes. This house had provisions we were not expecting: hot water heaters, screens on the windows (not common and will help keep mosquitos out – a malaria deterrent), the renters are also willing to GIVE US their two dogs and snake killing cat. These are all answers to prayer and more.

We were likely going to have to land in Ndola, drive to an empty house (without beds, or furniture or food). We will have to immediately shop for the basic necessities. However the Lord seems to have provided another amazing bonus in this situation. The owners of the home own the beds in the home and have allowed the current renters to use them. The renters are confident that the owners will let us do the same. This means that on night one, we should have beds to sleep on. After 36 hours of travel and an overnight layover, this will be a welcome blessing. We are so thankful to the Lord for providing the house, the extras and the advanced knowledge of it! It makes us wonder, how we could ever doubt our Lord and His leading or faithfulness. Thank you for your continued Prayers!


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"God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him." -Hudson Taylor

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