Thursday, April 16, 2015


When I hear the news that a woman is expecting a baby, a surge of joy swells within me as I think about the miracle the Lord has worked and IS working within her body.  The creator of the universe is knitting together a tiny human being in His own image.  I get especially sentimental when that woman is expecting for the first time.

Most likely she has wondered in her early life ‘what will it be like…’  …’to feel the baby kicking inside of me’ or …’to experience labor’ or …’to finally hold my sweet baby and soak in the sweet smell of his precious skin.’  She will also likely read articles and books and learn all she can about the little one growing inside and how to care for her once she’s arrived.  That tender new momma will no doubt read about what to expect during her pregnancy but also read and seek advice on what to expect once her sweet one arrives.  However, no amount of reading and no amount of advice offered from experienced moms can properly and fully prepare her (or her husband – no intention of leaving out the dads, lol), for motherhood.  Even all the experienced moms offering their advice know this.  

Once she becomes a mom she begins a lifelong journey of learning and living out what it is to be a mom.  While at the birth of her child, she is unspokenly welcomed into the “motherhood club,” she will spend the remainder of her momma life learning…  …experiencing and learning at each new stage.  There are many others ahead of her who will gladly share their experiences and wisdom.  But nothing will fully prepare her for those stages until she meets them herself.  Perhaps her situations, circumstances and background will cause her to meet those stages with a different perspective than others have shared.  Nonetheless, she will fail and she will have victories and she will likely question her ability, her actions and at times, her sanity.  She will get back up, she will hopefully be encouraged by other mothers around her and she will continue on.  And hopefully, all the while she will be walking with her Savior - Trusting in Him as she continues on the journey.

So it is with missionaries.


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"God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him." -Hudson Taylor

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