Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Today was a beautiful day.  Slightly hot but not too hot and a nice gentle breeze most of the day.  Around 3:30 or 4:00 it was obvious a rain was about to blow in.  About 15 minutes later a hard rain shower that lasted about 30 minutes brought needed rain to Zenia’s garden at home and to our home as well.  Steve and Alex rushed to bring the (electric) mower and extension cord under cover.  Zenia let me in on a little Zambian humor about rain during the work day and we had a good laugh and included Steve in the fun.

I gazed outside as the rain fizzled to a quick drizzle before stopping and I could just tell it was a rainbow kind of rain.  The sun was still shining silver in one part of the sky and the sky and clouds looked normal in another direction as well.  It just had that “look” of a coming rainbow.  I chatted with Steve and Zenia outside on the veranda about rainbows in Africa.  There is something so comforting and amazing to think about how God can place different flowers and trees all over the world, but His stars, sun, moon and rainbows are universal to us all no matter our longitude or latitude. 

We talked about double rainbows and how stunning they are and I was moved to share a short testimony with them.  At least five years ago and maybe longer, Jason and I were struggling financially and had other strains and difficulties as well.  They weren’t the “this is a hard week” kind of strains, but months and years of one difficulty after another.  There was a particular day that was harder for some reason and our faith and resolve were waning along with our patience.  We were weak and tired.  It rained that day – another rainbow “looking” kind of day.  I remember looking expectantly out the window, sure He would paint one in the sky that day.  Nothing out the front door or up the driveway, but upon looking out the window to the back yard I was astonished to find our own personal double rainbow in the back yard!  It was double in the shape of the golden arches of McDonald’s.  It sat below the wooded tree line and between our house and same tree line just feet out our window.  No one could see it but us!  Now I know God sends rainbows to remind us he will never again flood the earth as He did in Noah’s day, but somehow I knew God sent that one as a personal encouragement for us to trust the Lord and keep on keeping on. 

After sharing that story with Zenia and Steve with a few of my children near and validating the story, we smiled and gave glory to God and only SECONDS later….

I turned 180 degrees to look behind me before going in and would you believe?....   A partial rainbow sat directly in front of me – ON THIS PROPERTY!  It was from the ground up about 60 feet high and no other portion could be seen.  The experience was AMAZING!  Seconds before, I was sharing about the Lord encouraging our family years ago, and I turn and there was another beautiful and encouraging view of God’s glory – both in the created rainbow and the placement and of course the timing of the gift!  I shouted in amazement and quickly beckoned for Zenia and Steve to see what God had placed in the yard.  The kids saw it too.  This was too incredible a story to just tuck in a journal.  I pray it encourages you as it did me and those who witnessed this today.  To God be the Glory!


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"God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him." -Hudson Taylor

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